Our Team

The High Speed Rail Foundation consists of a dedicated group of people, convinced that we can create more sustainable transportation while growing Europe’s economy and bringing higher prosperity to its citizens. All of our people are volunteers, don’t get paid and do their work next to their full-time jobs.


With the conviction that High-Speed Rail will enhance both sustainability and economic growth, Rogier Vergouwen and Joost Wery founded the High-Speed Rail Foundation in 2022.

Rogier Vergouwen
+31 6 10 81 24 03
Joost Wery
Board Member
+31 6 42 65 43 75

Country Managers

To accelerate progress, involve the vote of European citizens and create a pan-European cooperation, a European Citizen Initiative has been launched at May 30th, 2023. For the European Citizen Initiative, a team of Country Managers are managing the activities and communications within the countries.

Francesca Pagliara
Country Manager Italy
+39 81 768 39 32

Next to Country Manager Italy, Dr. Francesca Pagliara is Associate Professor in Transport Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II, specialized in the socio-economic impact of HSR. She is leading the annual International Workshop on HSR Socioeconomic Impacts, supported by the International Union of Railways

Milen Georgiev
Country Manager Bulgaria
+359 887 926 428

Next to Country Manager Bulgaria, Mr Milen Georgiev serves as a CEO of O-Plus, a trade and logistics company in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Afryea Uiterloo
Country Manager Belgium
+31 6 42 36 56 04

Before moving to Belgium, Mrs Afryea Uiterloo gained extensive experience in rail road development by working at Pro Rail, the Dutch Rail Infrastructure company.

Andreea Stanila
Country Manager Romania
+40 728 942 288

Next to Country Manager Romania, Mrs Andreea Stanila serves as a Sales Director at Dacris in Bucharest, Romania.

Joost Wery
Country Manager Germany
+31 6 42 65 43 75

Next to Country Manager Germany, Mr Joost Wery is a Partner at lawfirm Damste, specialized in Transportation Law in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Rogier Vergouwen
Country Manager Netherlands
+31 6 10 81 24 03

Next to Country Manager The Netherlands, Mr Rogier Vergouwen is owner of Laurier Management & Advisory, a commercial management firm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.